Cindy Hill Talks Scottsdale Light Rail

Back in 2009, my friend D Patrick Lewis wrote an article here on the RailLife blog where he gave some thoughts on the light rail line coming to Scottsdale. This past weekend, I happened to be in Scottsdale and saw an opinion piece in the Scottsdale Republic written by city council candidate Cindy Hill. Apparently, Ms. Hill has a slightly different take on this transit thing. It is also apparent that, if given the chance, she is not going to be voting for the city of Scottsdale to look at light rail any time soon.

Heck, can you blame her? She points out some obvious reasons why any sane person would agree that light rail clearly kills businesses, is a crime infested cesspool and is a sure-fire way to kill off any chance of future economic development along a chosen train route.


Ms. Hill states that she is not in favor of light rail entering the hallowed gates of Scottsdale along any existing roadway. Well, unless the Indians will pay for it to run up the 101. We’re told that “any businesses along a potential light-rail pathway would be put out of business as construction would keep customers away from the area in the same way that it’s killed established businesses in other cities.” and “I would never vote for that because it would be a death sentence to our existing businesses.” The evidence here would be easy to see if someone would visit the vast ghost land that was once downtown Phoenix and Tempe.

Of course, public safety is a huge issue for Scottsdale, as well. Heck, we can’t have criminals riding the trains in to Scottsdale. Cindy’s own husband has “watched drug dealers in the course of his duties using the light rail to transport illegal drugs between cities.” I mean, no one could possibly be running drugs in Scottsdale using a car, truck or van. Am I right??

The whole fixed route thing is a huge issue, too. No business in their right mind would take up shop near a light rail station that might be carrying tourists, criminals or any of those freaks who might like to ditch their car once in a while. I mean, we ALL know that light rail “is fixed and unadaptable to changing residential and business patterns. As Scottsdale continues to evolve we need to have a transportation system that can be easily adapted and changed, such as buses and shuttles.” It is way more profitable for a business to take up shop near a cab route or a bus line. Obviously.

There’s a lot more wisdom here, folks. Take a look at this article to read it for yourself.


  1. George Love says

    I heard this same argument from some folks who yes, lived in Scottsdale, when the first light rail was being built while I was busy buying a place where I could walk to the light rail. Now, I’m in an area with a huge amount of great development, part of that being the influence, I believe, of the light rail. Interesting to see this view when Mesa actually sought to accelerate creating additional access to the system. I look forward in 2016 to being able to ride the rail directly to the Mesa Center for the Arts!

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