Pizza People Along The Line

I like pizza. A lot. In fact, I probably eat more pizza than a guy really “should” eat pizza. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, it makes no difference to me, pizza will probably work. Along the light rail line, there’s not a huge shortage of pizza joints for someone to get their fix. In fact, […]

Desert Eagle Brewing Coming To – Mesa

Downtown Mesa is getting a microbrewery and it will be open before the end of the summer. Yes, really. Desert Eagle Brewing Company is said to open by July of  2012, which is a few years before trains will be heading past their location at 150 West Main Street. Desert Eagle will join Four Peaks, […]

The DawgFather Grill – It’s Good To Be The King

So, I found another great place to eat along the line recently. If you haven’t been to The DawgFather Grill, you are missing out. While at The DawgFather, I met Chef Arty and learned about his love for what he does, his awesome culinary history and about this very cool little hotdog joint. Have you […]