Foreclosures and Short Sales Near Light Rail

Below, you will find an up to date list of short sales and foreclosures near the light rail line in Phoenix, Tempe and in Mesa.  Each of the blue circles on the map represents a radius search of approximately 1/2 mile from each of the light rail stations. We have found the 1/2 mile radius search to be very popular with investors and with people looking to live along the light rail line. If a foreclosure or a short sale isn’t what you are looking for, you might look at a search of single family homes near light rail or a list of lofts, townhomes and condos near the light rail line. Of course, you can search for any home by using our simple MLS search tool to help find exactly what you are looking for.

At, we want you to have ALL of the most up to date housing information possible. These homes along the line make a lot of $ense for a LOT of people.

With several different ways for you to search for homes near light rail and dozens of neighborhood specific pages, this is THE best site to learn about life near the light rail line. While foreclosures and short sales have long been popular with investors, homes near ASU have been a very popular option for them, as well.  With the line running between the Phoenix and Tempe campuses, the demand should continue well into the future. You might be surprised at the amount of choices available in the “city within cities” we call the light rail district.

The convenience of having easy access to great restaurants, shops, sporting events, concerts, and more have brought a new excitement to many communities along the line.

Please feel free to contact Nick Bastian today at 602-803-6425 to see any of these homes for sale near the light rail. You can also be notified of new properties as they become available. Take a look around and feel free to ask for help.