5 Years of METRO Light Rail

December 27th 2008, I remember it well. As we gathered at the Operations Center to view the first ribbon cutting ceremony before the Mayors of Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix boarded trains to head out to their grand opening ceremonies, there was a lot of excitement in the cold air. It really doesn’t seem like 5 […]

ASU vs Stanford–Not So Neutral

So, the Pac-12 rules call for Sun Devil Stadium to be “neutralized” for the BIG ASU vs Stanford game this Saturday. OK, fine. No matter what, Tempe is Sun Devil Country. You can take down a banner, or two, paint the field how ever necessary to be "fair" and do anything you want. Sun Devil […]

Power Players Talking Regional Transportation Benefits

The cool people over at the Sustainable Communities Collaborative recently spoke with the Mayors of Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa about light rail, sustainability and quality planning for our future. Take a look at this video to hear more about what Mayors Stanton, Mitchell and Smith have to say about the light rail corridor. 12/27/2008 – […]

Help The Suns Prevent Child Abuse

These rumors you are hearing are true, the Phoenix Suns are looking good and are fun to watch! For those that wrote the Suns off for dead? Yeah, your crystal ball might have a crack in it… “Even though there’s some established talent in Phoenix with Dragic, Bledsoe, Frye and Gortat, they are not likely […]

Transit Helps Tempe Nudge Scottsdale

Recently, there was a study of the top 100 small cities to live. Two Arizona cities, Tempe and Scottsdale, both placed in the top 100, beating each other out in different categories. Of course, one of the categories that stuck out to me was the transportation category. For Transportation & Infrastructure, Tempe scored a 67 […]