METRO Gives Tempe Streetcar Update

This past Monday, METRO held another public meeting to discuss the Tempe Streetcar project. There was a strong turnout at the Tempe Transit Center from people for and against the project. Of course, there were people that wonder why we can’t use the Orbit system or have a bus system travel the route or just […]

More Action Coming East Of Mill Avenue

Mill Avenue is well known for its abundance of food, drink and entertainment. In the past, we’ve talked about what it might take for Tempe to stretch the Mill Avenue District out a little bit. While many plans have been in the works for years, we are seeing signs of some pretty significant changes in […]

Top 10 Ethnic Restaurants Along the Mesa Light Rail

As we celebrate the coming light rail into Mesa, I thought about all the great international restaurants along the corridor in Mesa. I tried to come up with a list of just ten great ethnic restaurants that are, or will soon be, within walking distance of a light rail station. Right now, only Sycamore is […]