Pizza People Along The Line

I like pizza. A lot. In fact, I probably eat more pizza than a guy really “should” eat pizza. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, it makes no difference to me, pizza will probably work.

Along the light rail line, there’s not a huge shortage of pizza joints for someone to get their fix. In fact, a few of them are pretty awesome. Off of the top of my head, I can recall several pizza restaurants:

The goodness that is Cibo, Mellow Mushroom, zpizza, Café Roma, Pomo Pizzeria, Crust, Gus’ NY Pizza, and of course, our old favorite, Pizzeria Bianco to name a few.

Man can not live on pizza alone. @electricbrew ftw #raillife

One thing is for sure, we can never have too many awesome Pizza People along the line.

Speaking of Pizza People, they are going to be opening a new restaurant in the old Cheauvront’s space at 1326 N Central Avenue called the Pizza People Pub! This is the ground level space at the cool Artisan Lofts building. I have a feeling this will be a great fit for the area and for the Pizza People business model.

Maybe you’ve heard of the awesome that is the Pizza People Food Truck? Well, they have been looking for a “brick and mortar” spot for a while, and I must say, this location near the Central / McDowell light rail station should be great. AND, they’ll have good, cold beer to go with their pies! It also sounds like they’ll be adding burgers, sandwiches, salads and more to the new menu.

Opening day for the Pizza People Pub is September 23rd so mark your calendar. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter for more details and updates.

I’m pretty sure I know at least a few people that are ready to ride the train to check out the new Pizza People location. You should join us!

Hard to beat a Sunday pizza run with this caew.. :)


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    Thanks for the heads-up on this. I love the Pizza People Truck and wish them the best with a fixed location. I hope we’re not getting oversaturated with craft pizza Downtown, though. This fall, we’ll have Pizzeria Bianco, Cibo, Piazza Locale, Pomo, & Pizza People all within a mile of one another. Let’s hope they all thrive.

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