Getting Smashed With Four Peaks

Good burgers and good beer. Two things that make life worth living.

Smashburger and Four Peaks Brewing Company. Two places I am pretty fond of.

Did you know that Four Peaks and Smashburger have teamed up to offer new craft beer and burger pairings? Seriously.

This evening, I got to hang with  some pretty cool people and to taste some really good grub while learning why it went so well with this really great beer. Smashburger Founder Tom Ryan and Four Peaks Brewing Company owner and Brewmaster, Andy Ingram were on hand to talk about some really cool things they are working on here in the valley.

Burgers and beer

Smashburger and Four Peaks have teamed up to offer craft beer pairings at local Smashburger locations.

Tom and Andy should be commended as they have both been growing their brands very nicely here in the valley. They were great to talk to and seem genuinely excited to put their products together for the betterment of our taste buds here in AZ. This “sneak peek” party at a Tempe Smashburger was a chance for them to kick off what they

believed ( and we confirmed ) will be an excellent fit. It was a fun night, but don’t get me wrong, we had to taste eight scrumptious Smashburgers and the beers that were paired with each one.  It was really hard work!

We are combining Americas favorite foods with America’s favorite beverage.” – Tom Ryan, Smashburger founder

I’ve been a Smashburger fan ever since they opened the first Smashburger in Tempe a few years ago. As for Four Peaks? Everyone around here knows just how good it is. Their cult-like following is certainly justified and it is fun to watch the growth of this local company. I had a couple of cool conversations with Andy about Four Peaks, and I think we will all be pleasantly surprised with what’s in store for their future. He really does love the local feel of their business and is looking forward to taking advantage of the new brewing capacity they have. It sounds like we’ll see some more brews from them and the seasonals will continue to be a huge focus going forward.

So… What’s new at Smashburger? How about a Kilt Lifter, 8th Street Ale, Hop Knot or a Sunbru? Yes, beginning tomorrow morning, January 18th, 2013 you can get Four Peaks Brew at Smashburger.

Need some help deciding what to pair them with? Here are their recommendations:

1. Classic Smashburger – Kilt Lifter.

2. Mushroom Swiss Burger – 8th Street Ale

3. BBQ Bacon & Cheddar Burger – Kilt Lifter

4. Avocado Club Burger – 8th Street Ale

5. Arizona Burger – Hop Knot

6. Cucumber & Goat Cheese Chicken Sandwich – Sunbru

7. Crispy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – Hop Knot

8. Veggie Black Bean burger – Sunbru

Pairing menu

Craft beer is the new wine. It goes better with our favorite comfort foods.” – Andy Ingram, Four Peaks Brewing

Give the new combinations a try. Even if you are not a burger eater, their chicken sandwiches are good and the black bean veggie patty is really tasty.

Smashburger has many locations valley wide. Their location on the Tempe campus of ASU at 777 S College Ave is close to the light rail station at Veterans Way and College.

Four Peaks Brewery has multiple locations, our favorite is located north of the Dorsey and Apache station at 1340 E 8th Street in Tempe.

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