Metro light rail ridership numbers – November 2012

Coming off of a record setting October, we see a dip in monthly ridership for November. This month, METRO is reporting 1,231,170 light rail boardings after having 1,380,055 the previous month. The November number isn’t too shabby if you compare it to the light rail boardings from the first 10 months of the year as only April, September and October had more than November.

November 2012 ridership numbers look like this:

Total Boardings for November: 1,231,170 vs 1,380,055 October:

Avg. Weekday Boardings: 47,783 vs 48,904 in October:

Avg Saturday Boardings: 33,807 vs 38,346 in October:

Avg Sunday / Holiday Boardings: 23,380 vs 25,481 in October:

December should be an interesting month for Phoenix light rail riders and for those watching the numbers. With ASU students on their fall break, December tends to be slightly less than the previous few months. There will be some large draws for recreational users and their should be a large New Year’s Eve crowd if all goes as planned. Stick around, we’ll know soon enough.

Here’s to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

*source of numbers: METRO light rail*

Light Rail at Sun Devil Stadium


  1. jo webber says

    There was an opening party for the northwest extention a couple of weeks ago. Insanely great cake that looked just like a light rail car!!! lots of construction going on from Bethany to Dunlap.

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