Elizabeth Arden Spa Heading to Tempe–Rockin The Rail Life

Well, it looks like the Tempe Gateway building right across from the light rail station on Mill Avenue is getting another tenant in the posh Elizabeth Arden brand.

For all of you gorgeous people getting excited about another new spa coming to the area, let us try to break the news to you as easily as possible. They have leased this as office space, not as a new spa.

Rail Life called Ken McQueen to verify the use of the property and Mr. McQueen tells us that they don’t currently have plans for retail operations.

According to a press release, Elizabeth Arden Spas signed an 11 year lease for 13,021 square feet of space on the second floor of the building.

This was an excellent opportunity for an iconic brand-name company to be located in the center of a dynamic location such as this,” said McQueen.”

We hear that the Gateway building is now more than 80% leased and they will be joining other tenants such as Limelight Networks, Allstate Insurance, a high end sports store and ( hopefully ) a tequila store. We say hopefully for Loco Patron because they had planned to be open by now and it looks like there may have been some delays.

Loco Patron Coming Soon

Hey, Elizabeth, welcome to the neighborhood. We are glad to hear you are staying for a while. Some early advice for you… Have your employees call our buddy Nick if they are moving to Tempe… He’ll make you look great.

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