Some Super Saturday Excitement

This Saturday, like many we’ve experienced along the line, will be jam packed with serious fun and excitement. Two big events not to miss this weekend are the annual Local First Fall Festival and the debut game of ASU standout basketball player Jahii Carson.

Fall Festival:

The Fall Festival is dedicated to all that is local. Kimber Lanning and crew have a jam packed day of food, gifts, entertainment, and family-friendly activities in what is sure to be their biggest and best Fall Festival yet. Get complete details from the Local First AZ site and make sure you check it out. THIS Saturday from 10am – 4pm. Just hop on a light rail train and take it to the Roosevelt exit. The Festival is right off of the station, you can’t miss it. With the size of the crowds that will be there, you’d be a moron to try and find a parking spot. Seriously.

Jumpin’ Jahii Carson:

You’ve heard the hype, now do yourself a favor and come out to see this kid play. Jahii Carson makes his debut Saturday night at 5:30 pm. Wells Fargo Arena is easy to get to from the light rail station at Veterans Way / College Ave. This station is primarily known as Sun Devil Station. I’ve had a chance to see Jahii play a few times and have been more than impressed with his speed, ball handling ability, and super-human like jumping skills. Seriously, this kid has the talent to bring people to the games. Do yourself ( and the ASU basketball program ) a favor and come check out some ASU hoops this year!

Don’t believe me? Take 1:37 and watch the video below. OR just head to YouTube and search for “Jahii Carson highlights” to see more.

Don’t forget about football! Between traveling to these two events, stop at a place along the line to cheer on the ASU football team as they take on the USC Trojans beginning at 1pm. The game is an away game and will be shown on the Pac-12 Networks.  The map below will give you a bunch of options along the line .


Enjoy your weekend, rockin’ the Rail Life…


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