Sword Fight on Phoenix Light Rail Train

I’m pretty sure they frown upon having weapons on the light rail, but I’m also willing to bet there is someone pretty happy a sword-carrying man came to his rescue…

Check out this video showing a couple of dudes starting to throw a bunch of blows at a guy when another man pulls out a sword to come to his rescue. ( Um, if you are underage or don’t want to hear some “colorful” language, turn down the sound )

Thanks to our friend Dean Ouellette for pointing out the story on abc15. I found this one on azfamily.com, as well.

Yes, it should be noted that METRO and the police department are taking this very seriously. Valley Metro has released a statement saying passenger safety is their top priority.

So, what’s the craziest thing you have seen while riding the light rail line in Phoenix? ( or Tempe / Mesa ) Remember the naked chick? How about the drunk dude driving on the light rail track? And there was the guy that had the train wrap his van around the pole. That was an interesting one.  Yeah, we’ve had some winners…and some losers.


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