Rail Life Pic Of The Week – Can We Spare Some Change?

Just another reminder about the upcoming talks regarding the raise in bus and light rail fares. People can fill out online surveys, attend meetings, and participate in their “Tweet Chat” to give your opinion about the proposed changes.

If I remember correctly, it was the summer of 2009 when they had their last price increase. The folks at METRO light rail always seem to want people to know that they are not the only determining factor in deciding to raise light rail fares. While we hear about “record ridership” just about every month, more and more train wraps and light rail advertising, there is much more to be examined. Rising costs of what? Fuel for busses? Electricity? Salaries? Most of us have no idea.

Many light rail riders are recreational riders. Heck, the ASU vs Oregon game produced the highest single ridership day to date at 65,088 boardings. Suns fans and Diamondbacks fans flock to the light rail like crazy. Bus riders? Yeah, not as many recreational users. Many “need” that transportation and many can’t afford much more. I doubt that’s the case with most people heading to a Suns game.

Does it matter?

So, what if you think they should leave the fares alone? What if you think they should be lowered? What if you think they should be raised so that the operation is “self sufficient”? Do these little chats really matter? Or has some bureaucrat already decided what is going to happen? Who knows? Do you?

METRO fare change

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