Rail Life Pic Of The Week – How Soon For Loco?

Back in May, we began hearing about Loco Patron coming to Mill Avenue. The announced location at Mill avenue and 3rd Street is one of the most light rail friendly spots along the entire 20 mile line. At the time, we read that there was a projected opening of “early Fall 2012” for Loco Patron. Um, it’s early fall, what’s up?

Does anyone know why it looks like there hasn’t been any work done on this space for a LONG time? Any idea as to a time frame? Has the plug been pulled on the project? We’ll dig around a bit and see if we can find out.

Stay tuned.

Loco Patron Coming Soon

Remember, Rail Life has a Phoenix Light Rail Group on Flickr. Basically, we want to share some of our pictures from the community and allow people to add their pics (or videos), as well. These can be light rail related, but we also want pics or videos of your favorite spot, restaurant, sports team, community, event, etc.

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