Call Me Crazy But I Can’t Wait For Loco

Just about everyone loves a good Margarita now and then. Thankfully, the choices in Arizona are many when it comes to good spots to sample some pretty tasty tequila concoctions.

Heck, day one of the light rail line running in Phoenix, the one and only Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers sang “Mexican Moonshine” as we celebrated our first public rides.

We recently wondered about the timing of the Mill Avenue District’s next cool tequila spot – When is Loco Patron opening their doors? Well, fear not… The guys at Loco Patron replied to our inquiry and said it looks like a November opening is in the works. While it looked to me like there hadn’t been a ton of work going on over there lately, our Twitter friend and frequent light rail rider @LB_AZ saw crews over there recently. Seriously, this is a GREAT spot, right next to the light rail station on Mill.

So, I have an idea. How about we plan the first ever “Rail Life Margarita Ride” in December? I’ll think of a few spots with tasty margaritas, we’ll hit up a few places along the line and then vote for the “Best Light Rail Margarita” when we are done. Sound good? Great! Once these guys open the doors, I’ll come up with a plan. Right off the top of my head, I’m thinking the obvious spots are Canteen, Loco Patron, and Los Dos. Have you ever had a “kick ass margarita” from Los Dos? SO good!

I’m thinking we need one or two more places. Let me know your favorite margarita along the line somewhere in downtown Phoenix. Seriously, this is going to be a LOT of fun.

Canteen Modern Tequila Tempe

One night soon, we’ll be “rockin’ the Rail Life” with a little salt and lime…


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