Community Spotlight – Sycamore Square

For this community spotlight we head to Mesa, just north of the Sycamore station, to check out Sycamore Square.

Sycamore Square consists of 30 homes that feature covered parking and a nice community pool in a very “transit friendly” location. On the map below, you can get a good idea of how close the community is to the light rail line.

While recent sales in the area have been in the $40-$60k range, don’t expect those numbers to last long. Investors and people looking to live near the line are realizing how much a transit friendly lifestyle can be a convenience and a money saver.

We get a LOT of calls and inquiries about “affordable” homes near the light rail line. While many people understand the importance of living in walk able areas near transit, they don’t always grasp the fact that it might cost a few extra bucks to live there. Once people stop to factor in the time savings, gas savings, possible insurance savings and many other factors, the light begins to go off in their heads.

We often talk of the neighborhoods along the line as being part of a “city within cities” where people have easy access to all of the things along the entire light rail line. Jobs, sporting events, restaurants, bars, concert venues and so much more. Living at Sycamore Square would certainly give people easy access to all of the great things along the entire line and help them save some cash along the way.

View Homes Near METRO light Rail in a larger map

Built in 1984, the townhomes at Sycamore Square average 1119 square feet. Two floor plans were built, one is 1067 and the other is 1170 square feet.

302 North Sycamore – Mesa, AZ.

If you would like more information about homes near the light rail line, please contact Nick Bastian at Realty Executives. Nick can be reached at 602-803-6425 or via email at nick at

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