A First Look – Possible Tempe Modern Streetcar

METRO was kind enough to invite some people to their operations and maintenance facility today to take a look at what could be the new Tempe Streetcar vehicles. I’ll post some more info soon but wanted to show a couple of videos from today as well as a few pics.

There will be a public viewing of this streetcar this weekend, I’ll get the date / time out, soon.

First Look – Modern Streetcar

This next video was my first ride in a streetcar. They are very similar to a light rail car, just a bit smaller. Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me…

My first streetcar ride

Here is a shot from inside of the maintenance facility.

Wonder what a #TempeStreetcar might look like? Check this bad boy out. #RailLife

An informational piece was inside of one of the trains today.

Tempe Modern Streetcar

More info coming soon. :)


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