Taking Light Rail To Chase Field On Opening Day

The home opener for the Diamondbacks is finally here! Today, thousands of people will enjoy one of baseball’s most exciting days of the year. While the Diamondbacks may not win it all, a trip to the ballpark is always a good time. See the tips below to get you there, the easy way!

Diamondback fans exit 3rd / Washington

According to Dean over on the Phoenix Real Estate Guy blog, the rebuilding process has started for the team and this year could be fun to watch. Opening day is always a great day for baseball.

If you look at the names we are going to see on the Dbacks opening day roster. Names such as Archie Bradley and Jake Lamb, AJ Pollock, Chris Owings, Nick Ahmed, David Peralta, Paul Goldschmidt. What you have is a solid young team who is probably a few years away from contending, but the rebuilding process has started. And instead of what we saw last year with playing older players just because they were making more money, this new regime seems to be ready to play the best players despite their paycheck.” Dean Ouellette

METRO sees a LOT of people riding to the games all season long. If you are new to the Valley or taking light rail to Chase Field for the first time, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind:

Most of the 20 mile route contains 2 sets of tracks where the trains run next to each other. At each station, you simply board a train heading in your desired direction. For instance, many of the stations are built in the middle of the street. If you are boarding a train on Apache Boulevard, you will enter the station and the west bound train will pick you up on the north side of the station, while the east bound trains allow passengers to board on the south side of the station.

However, in downtown Phoenix, the tracks split and form a single track for north/south and east/west trains.

Let’s use an opening day baseball game as an example:  The stop at 3rd St/Jefferson is VERY close to Chase Field and US Airways Center. Most people know that there is a light rail stop at 3rd St/Jefferson near Chase Field, but new riders might not realize that this is an east bound train. Not to worry, you just need to know your way around.

View Phoenix Valley METRO Light Rail in a larger map

If coming from North Phoenix, you will arrive right outside of the door at 3rd/Jefferson, but when going home you will walk about a block and a half to the 3rd St/Washington stop. The reverse is obviously true for people coming from the East Valley. ( Exit at 3rd / Washington and head south to the ballpark )

Other things to consider when heading to see the Diamondbacks for Opening Day ( or any game ).

Purchase a light rail pass: For just $4.00 you can ride the light rail to and from Chase Field.

Park and Ride: All park and ride lots are FREE. If you don’t live near the light rail line, these lots are always a good bet and a great value.

Pick your light rail station: Again, if you are coming from the East Valley, you will exit at 3rd and Washington and walk south to the arena. When going home, jump on the 3rd and Jefferson station right outside of Chase Field heading back east. This also means that people coming from the north or west will exit at 3rd and Jefferson on their way to the game and then walk north to 3rd and Washington when heading home.

Have some fun! Grab some grub at the game.  It just wouldn’t seem right to not have something to eat or to grab a cold drink at the ballpark. If you want to find a place to go before or after the game, check out the map below for a few ideas. Thankfully, we have a LOT of great choices along the line.

View Light Rail Drinks in a larger map

Yes, Mr. Lindley, we know people ride trains or the METRO and don’t “technically” ride a light rail. :)

Go Diamondbacks! Play ball!!

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