University Heights – Tempe AZ Community Spotlight

The University Heights area of Tempe is listed as being West of McClintock, East of Dorsey and North of Apache Blvd to 8th Street. University Heights in Tempe is not a specific neighborhood but a non- profit association of community residents, business owners, etc. encompassing a few different home subdivisions. According to the City of Tempe web site, University Heights consists of 226 homes built from the “late 1940’s – mid 1950’s.”

In doing a quick search of the Tempe homes within University Heights, we find a few different neighborhoods. The Borden Homes Historic Neighborhood, Tomlinson Estates Historic District ( just 67 lots) and Carlson Park. In this (approximately) 1/4 square mile there have been 5 home sales this year with an average selling price of $155,700. That average sales price equates to $109.51 per square foot. I notice that the 3 “pending sales” (homes under contract) and the 2 active listings in the area have average list prices of $118.65 and $170.78 per average square foot (respectively). This information was complied on 10/20/2009. The following information will show homes currently for sale in and near this area.

More and more people appear to be looking for homes near light rail for many reasons. ASU students ( or their parents) like the convenience to campus, investors like the potential for future “Transit Oriented Development” nearby, and people looking for a place to call home with easy access to MANY conveniences and entertainment options love the idea of living near the line.

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This part of Tempe is known to be one of the most densely populated in the city and is even more densely populated than just about any other area of the state. Much of the surrounding population is student housing and the rental market is typically very strong. The proximity to two light rail stations makes the University Heights neighborhood, Hudson Manor and some of the student housing very attractive to people looking for the convenience of living near our light rail line.

For more neighborhood information call Nick Bastian at 602-803-6425. Nick is a Tempe real estate agent specializing in homes near Arizona State University.


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