Park and Ride Lots

There are currently nine park and ride lots located along the 20 mile light rail route. They are located at:

1. 19th Avenue/Montebello Avenue – 794 spaces

2. 19th Avenue/Camelback Road – 410 spaces, 287 are shaded

3. 7th Avenue/Camelback Road – 123 spaces, 77 are shaded

4. Central Avenue/Camelback Road – 135 spaces, 90 are shaded

5. 38th Street/Washington Street – 189 spaces

6. Dorsey Lane/Apache Boulevard – 190 spaces

7. McClintock Road/Apache Boulevard – 300 covered spaces, inside Grigio Metro parking garage

8. Price Freeway/Apache Boulevard – 693 spaces

9. Sycamore Street/Main Street – 802 spaces

These Park and Ride lots are free of charge.

View Phoenix Light Rail Park and Ride locations in a larger map

Please note.. We are NOT associated with Metro or Valley Metro Light rail. Light rail park and ride information can also be found on their web site. See our Phoenix light rail map page for more information and for fun things to do along the line.

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