Light Rail Map

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On this page, we will be showing different types of Phoenix light Rail maps that we find and will link you to the Valley Metro light rail map page.

View Phoenix Valley METRO Light Rail in a larger map

Other popular maps have been our map of homes near the light rail along with a map hotels near the line, where to grab a drink along the line and of course where to grab a burger when you are hungry. If you want to know where to leave your car, we also have a map of the Park and Ride lots where you can park for free before boarding the METRO. Some examples of these are below and we will continue to add to our maps of the Phoenix light rail line in the future.

This map shows some of the housing communities that people have been interested in. Obviously, this isn’t a complete list of homes or communities but be sure to check back for more information as it is updated often. For information about homes for sale near light rail, contact Nick Bastian at Realty Executives for showings or details.

View Homes Near METRO light Rail in a larger map

For those of you looking to enjoy a cold brew, a nice glass of wine or a cup of coffee, we made this map of light rail places where people love to hang out.

View Light Rail Drinks in a larger map

Hotels near the Phoenix light rail line are quite popular with people visiting our great state as well as people looking for a fun “staycation” where they can have the convenience of all there is along the line.

View Hotels near light rail in a larger map

Please note: Rail Life is NOT associated with METRO light rail. PLEASE don’t do anything stupid like drink and drive. All stations and maps are approximate and this information is subject to change without notice. If businesses change, move, come or go we don’t always know. Please contact businesses directly with questions or comments or to verify their information. One of our main goals here at Rail Life is to have fun and to talk about cool things happening in our community. If you have a suggestion or if you find a mistake on one of these maps, please feel free to let us know via Facebook or Twitter. Remember, “Your Life Is On The Line!”