Light Rail Fares

Purchasing an all day pass for light rail is easy and will cost $4.00 when purchased at a light rail station. Passes can be purchased at other outlets and other fares are available.

**Please note: NEW Fares as of March 1, 2013.**

For most riders… ( not using a discounted fare )

1-Ride pass is $2.00 as of March 1, 2013

All-day pass is $4.00 as of March 1, 2013

3 day passes have been discontinued as of March 1. 2013

7 day passes are available for $20.00 as of March 1, 2013

15-Day passes are now available for $33.00 as of March 1, 2013

31 day passes are available for $64.00 as of March 1, 2013

Children 5 and under are not charged a fare for local or express/RAPID bus service or light rail when accompanied by a responsible, fare-paying adult.

Light rail and bus fares are the same. The current cost for a one-ride trip on Valley Metro light rail will cost $2.00, and an All-day pass is $4.00 which is the same fares you will pay on the Valley Metro local bus and the LINK bus (limited-stop service between Superstition Springs Center and Sycamore Station in Mesa) Purchasing an All-day pass on-board the local/LINK bus will cost $6.00. An express bus or RAPID (commuter bus service) all-day pass will be $6.50 in advance, or $8.50 on board the bus. A 31 day pass for the Express Bus/RAPID Bus is $104.00. An All-day pass can be used to transfer from bus to bus or from bus to rail and back again. These fees are current as of the March 1 fare increase

ASU students and employees are eligible to receive a Valley-wide bus and light rail pass at deeply discounted rates. Students, faculty and staff may obtain their U-Pass from any ASU campus Permit Sales office. I believe ASU employees pay $390.00 for the year ( $15.00 per pay period) and students pay $150.00 per year. Please verify with ASU for this information as the new fare increase could bring changes for ASU students and employees. For more information, contact ASU at 480-965-1072

Reduced Fares: Persons with a disability, seniors age 65 and older, Medicare cardholders and youths ages 6 through 18, qualify for reduced fares and youths ages 6 through 18, qualify for reduced fares on local bus and light rail. Passengers must have valid proof of eligibility to use reduced fares. An additional $2.25 is required to ride Express/RAPID. 1 Ride is $1.00. All day pass is $2.00. 7-day pass is $10.00. 15 day pass is $16.50. 31 day pass is $32.00.

*source* Valley Metro. Information subject to change without notice. Please contact Valley Metro with questions. Rail Life is NOT associated with Metro or with Valley Metro RPTA.

If you have questions about how to purchase a light rail pass, the following video might be of help to you. It is old and the current fares are not reflected. It just shows two guys using the machine way back when METRO first began operations in 2008.


Remember, “no person shall ride any transit vehicle without payment of the applicable fare. Violators will be subject to a sanction of not less than $50, but not more than $500, plus surcharges, costs and fees as set by law in some cities. If you receive a citation, you can bring your proof of eligibility to the hearing. For more information, call (602) 253-5000, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.” – Valley Metro

Of course, has all of the complete fare info. Please visit them to verify and please note; Rail Life is not affiliated with METRO.