Light Rail Safety – “Here’s Your Sign!”

Everyone knows the old “here’s your sign” joke. We have noticed a lot of new signs along the light rail line that many people are unaware of. Hopefully, we can all figure out, in a hurry, how to navigate the areas near the trains so that no one gets hurt. Metro has begun their safety campaigns and if I remember correctly, has a budget of approximately $500k to help spread the word. (if this is wrong, I’m sure someone can correct us) I have asked them to send us copies of safety information to share. So far, I have a safety brochure from them which can be found on their site. On Metro’s safety page, they give some common sense tips on how not to get killed. Some beauties like, don’t park your car or bike on the tracks… An interesting page also talks about the most common accident types. This might be one to pay attention to. Here are a few signs we took pictures of along the downtown Phoenix Light Rail area.

We know there will be stupid people driving near the light rail trains but hope the accidents are kept to a minimum and no one gets hurt. Pay attention, be aware of your surroundings and enjoy the ride! :-)

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