Phoenix Light Rail – Park and Ride info

We have been getting a lot of questions concerning access to the light rail. If not taking the bus or a bike to the stations, the Park and Ride locations will be a very convenient way to utilize the system.
There are 8 park and ride locations. All park and rides will be FREE of charge and will be monitored by security cameras, security officers and municipal police officers. No overnight parking will be permitted.
Park-n-ride locations: 
1. Montebello and 19th Avenue (794 spaces) 
2. 19th Avenue and Camelback (410 spaces) 
3. Central Avenue and Camelback (135 spaces) 
4. 38th Street and Washington (189 spaces) 
5. Dorsey Lane / Apache Blvd (190 spaces)
6. McClintock Drive / Apache Blvd (300 spaces) 
7. Loop 101 Freeway / Apache Blvd (693 spaces) 
8. Sycamore / Main Street (802 spaces)
Once you park and then arrive at a light rail station, you will find that each one will have ticket vending machines. ( Fare information for the light rail will be the same as the bus system.) Each Light Rail Station will also have shade canopies, louvered panels to provide additional shade, seating, route maps, timetables, drinking fountains, public telephones and garbage containers. 
Soon, we will be updating our light rail map so that you can easily find your way to each park and ride location, each stop and get information on the areas surrounding the light rail line. Stay tuned because, "Your Life Is On The Line!"


  1. Pop up canopies says

    I love the rail systems. Last summer i took a rail-trip that took me though the mountains. It was beautiful but it rained the whole time. Good thing you have the rain shelters. I had to buy my own last summer. If you need some good websites that can help you out with this too if you are interested. see what you think and good luck on your next trip!

  2. mandy says

    I am a flight attendant and would love to use the light rail when I go to work however the park and ride lots are not 4 hours. I am sure there are people that work graveyard shifts that are having the same problems. There is no reason they should not be 24 hour lots. There are also people that take it into Tempe and may drink too much and take a cab home only to have their car towed in the morning.

  3. says

    Hi Mandy,
    We do understand that people would like to leave cars at the lots but, we are NOT associated with Metro and don’t have the authority to make those decisions. As a privately run site, all we can do is refer you to – Thanks for the comment!

  4. says

    One thing I just learned this week — at least one of the park and ride lots has covered parking!

    The park and ride at McClintock Drive / Apache Blvd (300 spaces) has covered parking.

    I used to park at the one on Loop 101 Freeway / Apache Blvd (693 spaces) but now that it is summer…

    McClintock and Apache is my new best friend.

  5. says

    ssshhhh… Justin, don’t let the cat out of the bag! McClintock is the station I use the most and it is sure to fill up as more people become aware of it! :-)
    As the only covered lot, it is a hidden treasure.

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