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Light Rail Map

We update our Phoenix light rail map information often so please be sure to follow Rail Life on Twitter and we hope you will Like us on Facebook to get the scoop on upcoming events or changes we make … [Read More...]


Light Rail Hours

Metro light rail provides service seven days a week, their hours of operation are listed below. METRO does require that you have a valid light rail fare prior to boarding the trains. ** Update for … [Read More...]


Light Rail Fares

Purchasing an all day pass for light rail is easy and will cost $4.00 when purchased at a light rail station. Passes can be purchased at other outlets and other fares are available. **Please note: … [Read More...]


Park and Ride Lots

There are currently nine park and ride lots located along the 20 mile light rail route. They are located at: 1. 19th Avenue/Montebello Avenue - 794 spaces 2. 19th Avenue/Camelback Road - 410 … [Read More...]

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